Christian Valentines Day Gifts

Biblical Valentines Day Love languages Gift set

Share Christian Valentines Day gifts with messages of love that reflect your faith, shown to you from God and Jesus Christ our Lord. The best-loved Bible verse about love is from 1 Corinthians 13:4 and reads: Love is patient, Love is kind, it bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things, Love never fails. The Books of John have many Bible passages about “love” and how the love of God is light, if we follow His words through His Holy Scriptures – we will walk in the light! If you feel the love shown by Jesus … Continue reading →

Religious Valentine Gifts

Religious Valentines Day gifts tote

Share God’s love this year with these religious Valentine gifts for kids. Remind a child just how much you love them with a small Valentine gift and also explain that they are a gift from God – who loves them too! Since the message behind Valentine’s Day is love, consider making a new holiday tradition with the family, by reading Bible passages about love this year! The Bible is filled with messages of God’s love. In particular, the New Testament has many messages of love, almost every page has the word love. Valentine’s Day is the perfect holiday to dig … Continue reading →

Religious Christmas Giveaways

12 Christian Christmas snowman ornaments gifts

Find inspiring small holiday gift ideas for children of faith with these religious Christmas giveaways. Since Christmas is the time to celebrate the birth of Jesus, put Him back in the season with a small Christian gift to a give a child this year. Religious Christmas giveaways will make great small holiday gifts which can also be used for stockings or gift ideas for any church event like: Sunday school. 12 Christian Snowman Carded Ornament Gifts Religious Christmas snowman ornament comes with a themed, The Meaning of the Snowman, gift card which a portion reads: The black coal mouth reminds … Continue reading →

Christian Graduation Gifts

Christian Graduation gift ideas

As your graduate embarks on the next stage of life, bless him, or her, with a keepsake to remind them that the Lord is always with them. Graduation is a time of honoring this important milestone of moving on to the stage of life and one these Christian graduation gifts will be blessing to the receiver. Whether your graduation is moving on to college, Middle school, grade school, or moving to a new class in Sunday school, each of these life stages are equally important. Bless, honor, and acknowledge the graduate with a religious gift that shares a bit wisdom … Continue reading →

Adult Christian Birthday Party

Adult Christian Birthday party photo

Get inspiration with these Adult Christian birthday party ideas! No matter what age, each birthday is a blessing. A birthday is a wonderful occasion to celebrate with family, friends, and also church members. If you are planning an adult Christian birthday party, get inspired with these religious adult birthday party ideas. Since cross design party supplies are easy to find, use them for a birthday party. In addition, other religious party supplies will work for most birthdays like: baptism party supplies. Since most of these religious party supplies are generic, one will be an elegant choice for an adult Christian … Continue reading →

Jesus Cartoons

Jesus Christ cartoon

Parents, and Sunday school teachers, can help bring Bible stories to life by having children watch Biblical Jesus cartoons. Animated New Testament stories will have new life and give children a chance to witness the great miracles performed by Christ. Watch Animated Jesus movies at home or during Sunday school. Biblical cartoons are a great media for children to learn about Christ, God, and also other Bible characters. Find a wide selection of Christian cartoons for kids available and many of these Jesus cartoons have ratings from Parents just like you, so be sure to read those. Many faith-based cartoons … Continue reading →

Christian Jewelry for Women

womens cross necklace

Share a heartfelt gift for that special woman of faith, with an inspiring piece of Christian jewelry for women. As each holiday approaches, the television is filled with jewelry commercials geared towards men, as most jewelry suppliers know that men want to give a special gift to a loved one. Christian women appreciate jewelry as a fashion accessory. Only Christian women want to wear a piece of jewelry which is a reflection of their faith and love of the Lord. Religious jewelry for women come in many styles and prices. Many of the pieces can be worn either with a … Continue reading →