With a heart for the Lord, Jesus Christ, Christian Gift Ideas is my 3rd website for people of faith. About Christian gift ideas. My name is Shelly Sellers and thank you for stopping by this website and page to learn a bit more about me. I have been working at home since 2001, to be home with my son and have the flexibility that working online offers me, and my family.

My first website is called Christian Party Favors and dedicated to Sunday school teachers and Christian parents looking for crafts, prizes, and party ideas for kids.

My second website is called Christian Wedding Party Favors and offers a huge selection of religious wedding gifts, party favors, bridesmaid’s and groomsmen gifts, and ideas for couple’s want to included Christ in their plans using faith-based decorations, party favors, programs, invitations, and other wedding supplies!

Since 2007, I have been sharing most of this information on shared websites with other writers, but the time has come for me to gather most of my material and bring it to the public on one website. This site was born out of my love for gift-giving and having one place to share my favorite online stores with Christian gifts for every age and gender.

Over the years, Christian retail stores are harder to find, and many cities may not even have a retail store, or you have to drive miles to find one. Online Christian retail stores are the best option for many people and I found some people did not realize there were so many choices in Christian items like: artwork, bibles, calendars, coffee mugs, holiday decorations, home decorations, jewelry, kitchen items, and other items on your gift list — for everyone!

Crucifixion And Resurrection Bible verse

My goal is to bring all my favorite Christian and religious gifts for family, friends, co-workers, church members, pastor, and people you wish to share a small token of your faith with, on this website. You find not just one Christian store here, but all my favorite places to shop (on occasion you may be directed to one of my other sites, as not to duplicate the content).

Rest assured, I have made many purchases at each store showcased, so I trust their credibility. If you decide to make a purchase, I will be compensated as a means to support myself (thank you for your support in advance).

I thank the Lord God, that I am saved by Grace. The death of Jesus Christ, who took the weight of all my sins upon his shoulders, spared my eternal life.

Jesus doesn’t ask me to pay him back…He asks for no money or all I own. He only asks for my Faith in Him and the Lord God above. That was not easy for this sinner to do. It almost was easier to give Him money or something else of value. I had no Faith, only sorrow, pain and self-inflicted suffering.

After all, it really was God’s fault I was this way. He didn’t give me the perfect Parents, Family, Siblings and Life I deserved. If He has wanted me to believe in Him, life shouldn’t have been so hard and I would have lived a cleaner life. As it was, my baggage was too heavy to carry.

And carry my baggage, or drag it with me… I did. Until the weight was too heavy and I had to “Let Go and Let God”. I was out of choices and out of options.

My Faith in Jesus Christ and God, didn’t come fast. I believed before I was saved. It took awhile, but after much more pain and real prayer, I “Came To Believe” and asked Jesus to be My Savior. I haven’t looked back since, except to remember the pain and appreciate the future.

If you have any questions, please feel free to use the comment section below and I will be happy to assist you further.

God Bless!

~ Shelly Sellers

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